Frequently Asked Questions

What features do I get during the trial?

During your trial period you get to enjoy Fixico Full Premium, i.e. Fixico’s full-feature set of services.

What happens after the trial ends?

After the trial period ends, user’s status changes to that of a free user. To see the list of features click here.

How do I cancel my service?

You can cancel the service at any time. To cancel the service, please click here.

How do I become a Premium Member?

Click here to Go Premium!

What are the charges once I become a Premium Member?

You will be charged according to the package type and total number of devices you choose to service. The charges are on monthly/yearly basis. To see prices click here.

Can I add devices after I start my service?

Yes, you can. Simply select Add Device on your devices page.

Can Fixico see my personal data?

Fixico only accesses information related to software and system parameters. Fixico does not access or view business or personal data on any computer.

Fixico and IBM®

Fixico is an IBM® OEM partner. Fixico's service is based on IBM®’s Big Fix technology that enables efficient software updates and maintenance across thousands of computers. Fixico uses this infrastructure to provide you with timely updates and to properly maintain your computers without you even notici

I forgot my username or password

To reset your password please click on Log in on the top of the page and click on "Forgot password?".

How do I change my credit card details?

You can change your credit card details in your account settings.

I installed Fixico, what next?

New computers appear in your dashboard after they have been setup with Fixico and have undergone analysis. The analysis usually takes up to 10 minutes, but for some computers can take up to 2 hours. Please verify that the Fixico software has been installed successfully on the computer in question. If setup was completed successfully, and 2 hours have passed since then, please contact Fixico Support.

Do computers need to be connected at all times?

Computers do not need to be connected at all times. During periods of connectivity updates and communications with the Fixico client are performed. Fixico works both on and offline.

How do I add or remove a device?

You can add or remove computers in Your devices page.

Do you support tablets and smart-phones?

Currently Fixico supports Android smart phones and tablets. For list of features click here. iOS and Windows Mobile will be supported soon.

Do you support Mac/Apple computers?

Mac/Apple computers are not supported at the moment.

What operating systems does Fixico support?

We currently support the following operating systems: Windows XP-SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android 4++

Where can I find product release history?

Click here to view Fixico product release history

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